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Assessing Regional Earthquake Risk and Hazards in the Age of Exascale

Berkeley Lab researchers lead development of a workflow to accurately predict ground movement and its impact on structures

With emerging exascale supercomputers, researchers will soon be able to accurately simulate the ground motions of regional earthquakes quickly and in unprecedented detail, as well as predict how these movements will impact energy infrastructure—from the electric grid to local power plants—and scientific research facilities. (more…)

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Listen to Solar Storm Activity in New Sonification Video

ANN ARBOR, Mich.— What does a solar storm sound like? To get an idea, a University of Michigan researcher has created a “sonification” of measurements from two spacecraft during the most recent storm. Take a listen in this video.

The researcher who created it is Robert Alexander, a University of Michigan design science doctoral student. Alexander is a composer with a NASA fellowship to study how representing information as sound could aid in data mining. (more…)

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