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Addiction Treatment Graduates Describe Their Catalysts for Seeking Help

Most recovery survivors I talk to can tell me the exact moment they decided to seek treatment. For some, it’s a small push; for others, it’s a shove. The majority of these people have similar storylines, though everyone’s experience is unique. It’s true that a lot of people require multiple attempts at sobriety before it sticks, but ultimately everyone reaches a moment when they realize they’re truly in a life or death situation. (more…)

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Timing stock repurchases pays

ANN ARBOR — Can companies buying back their own stock time the market to get a better price? This was an unanswered question in corporate finance until now.

New research from University of Michigan finance professor Amy Dittmar indicates that some companies do time their repurchases to buy at a low price. It’s a way companies can make a shareholder-friendly move and a positive return on an investment. (more…)

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