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Can artificial intelligence tell a polar bear from a can opener?

UCLA psychologists’ experiments demonstrate severe limitations of ‘deep learning’ machines

How smart is the form of artificial intelligence known as deep learning computer networks, and how closely do these machines mimic the human brain? They have improved greatly in recent years, but still have a long way to go, a team of UCLA cognitive psychologists reports in the journal PLOS Computational Biology. (more…)

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Is cheating on the field worse than cheating on a spouse? Some fans think so

ANN ARBOR — Why did fans and sponsors such as Nike drop Lance Armstrong but stay loyal to Tiger Woods? Probably because Armstrong’s doping scandal took place on the field, unlike Wood’s off-the-field extramarital affairs, according to new studies.

A series of studies conducted by University of Michigan doctoral student Joon Sung Lee suggests that when fans and consumers can separate an athlete’s immoral behavior from their athletic performance, they’re much more forgiving than if the bad behavior could impact athletic performance or the outcome of the game. (more…)

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