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Extinctions during human era worse than thought

The gravity of the world’s current extinction rate becomes clearer upon knowing what it was before people came along. A new estimate finds that species die off as much as 1,000 times more frequently nowadays than they used to. That’s 10 times worse than the old estimate of 100 times.

PROVIDENCE, R.I. [Brown University] — It’s hard to comprehend how bad the current rate of species extinction around the world has become without knowing what it was before people came along. The newest estimate is that the pre-human rate was 10 times lower than scientists had thought, which means that the current level is 10 times worse. (more…)

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Extinction rate is higher, says the German Environment Minister

German Environment Minister, Sigmar Gabriel told a conference in Bonn that extinction rate for plants and animals is hundred to thousand times higher than the natural trend. It’s a U.N. biodiversity conference that plans to work out lines to slow down the extinction by 2010. Target line is too short. But steps to move forward are promising. Reuters news.


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