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Insight’s Matt Jackson on the exciting potential of an AI-filled future

Matt Jackson has always been passionate about building things: forts as a kid, video games in high school, then software in his early career. Now, as vice president of digital innovation at Insight, he helps others build up their companies. Every day, he and his team construct innovative technology solutions so Insight’s clients and their employees can be more productive, whether that’s a chatbot to update customers on their stock portfolios or an algorithm to help a hospital with staffing. (more…)

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Asian Camel Crickets Now Common in U.S. Homes

With their long, spiky legs and their propensity for eating anything, including each other, camel crickets are the stuff of nightmares. Research from North Carolina State University finds that non-native camel cricket species have spread into homes across the eastern United States.

“The good news is that camel crickets don’t bite or pose any kind of threat to humans,” says Dr. Mary Jane Epps, a postdoctoral researcher at NC State and lead author of a paper about the research. (more…)

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