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Annika Finne Investigates a Modigliani

Annika Finne, senior and aspiring conservator, jumped at the chance to investigate the authenticity of a Modigliani painting stored in the archives of the RISD Museum of Art. What followed was a year-long journey of research and discovery and a senior thesis that, Finne hopes, will secure the painting’s place in art history.

PROVIDENCE, R.I. [Brown University] — To the causal observer, the painting is most striking in its simplicity: a two-dimensional image of a woman, her face elongated, head slightly tilted, the background giving away little of her surroundings, the parameters devoid of a signature identifiying the artist.

It’s a painting that senior Annika Finne has come to know intimately. The aspiring art conservator has spent the last year investigating the authenticity of the painting for her senior thesis. Her research has revealed that the painting carries with it a history far richer than its outwardly simple appearance. Through an analysis that took her to museums around the country, diving deep into provenance files and performing a battery of scientific tests, Finne was able to prove that the painting, an oil sketch titled Portrait of Anna Zborowska, is quite likely the work of one of the best-known artists of his time: Amedeo Modigliani. (more…)

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