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Vom Roboter zum Material

Innsbrucker Mechatroniker haben eine neuartige Form von adaptiven Robotern entwickelt und patentiert. ARTS besteht aus einzelnen Tetraedern, mit denen nahezu jede denkbare lineare Form nachgebildet werden kann – für die Entwicklung werden nun Industriepartner gesucht. (more…)

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New data compression method reduces big-data bottleneck; outperforms, enhances JPEG

New discovery is rooted in physics and the arts

In creating an entirely new way to compress data, a team of researchers from the UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science has drawn inspiration from physics and the arts. The result is a new data compression method that outperforms existing techniques, such as JPEG for images, and that could eventually be adopted for medical, scientific and video streaming applications.

In data communication, scientific research and medicine, an increasing number of today’s applications require the capture and analysis of massive amounts of data in real time.  (more…)

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