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Making AI ‘Intentional’: a Case Study and New Programming Framework

Computer science researchers have developed an artificial intelligence (AI) game-playing program that exhibits social reasoning and “intentionality” – meaning it can infer how other players are likely to respond to new information and what other players likely want from the AI when they share information. The program serves as a proof of concept for a new programming framework the researchers have developed for creating more intentional AI programs. (more…)

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Like taking a whole scientific team with you on a walk: iNaturalist helps spawn a generation of citizen scientists

Jennifer Rycenga used to get depressed when she thought about the environment. The impacts of climate change made the avid birdwatcher feel powerless.

Until a rattlesnake appeared in her path on a hike six years ago. (more…)

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Artificial intelligence helps accelerate progress toward efficient fusion reactions

Before scientists can effectively capture and deploy fusion energy, they must learn to predict major disruptions that can halt fusion reactions and damage the walls of doughnut-shaped fusion devices called tokamaks. Timely prediction of disruptions, the sudden loss of control of the hot, charged plasma that fuels the reactions, will be vital to triggering steps to avoid or mitigate such large-scale events. (more…)

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Mayo Clinic’s clinical trial matching project sees higher enrollment in breast cancer trials through use of artificial intelligence

ROCHESTER, Minn – 08 Mar 2018: Mayo Clinic and IBM Watson Health (NYSE: IBM) today unveiled results from early use of the Watson for Clinical Trial Matching, an IBM cognitive computing system. Use of this system in the Mayo Clinic oncology practice has been associated with more patients enrolled in Mayo’s breast cancer clinical trials. (more…)

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IBM Research and UC San Diego Collaborate to Advance the Use of Artificial Intelligence for Healthy Living

UC San Diego is the first West Coast university to join the IBM Cognitive Horizons Network

ARMONK, NY and SAN DIEGO, CA – 28 Sep 2017: IBM (NYSE: IBM) and the University of California San Diego have announced a multi-year project to enhance quality of life and independence for aging populations through the new Artificial Intelligence for Healthy Living Center (AIHL), located on the campus of UC San Diego. The groundbreaking center will bring together the technology, artificial intelligence and life sciences knowledge of IBM and UC San Diego to promote critical research and applications in two thematic areas: Healthy Aging and the Human Microbiome. (more…)

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IBM and MIT to Pursue Joint Research in Artificial Intelligence, Establish New MIT–IBM Watson AI Lab

IBM plans to make a 10-Year, $240 Million Investment in new lab with MIT to advance AI hardware and software and algorithms

Cambridge, MA – 07 Sep 2017: IBM (NYSE: IBM) and MIT today announced that IBM plans to make a 10-year, $240 million investment to create the MIT–IBM Watson AI Lab in partnership with MIT. The lab will carry out fundamental artificial intelligence (AI) research and seek to propel scientific breakthroughs that unlock the potential of AI. The collaboration aims to advance AI hardware, software and algorithms related to deep learning and other areas, increase AI’s impact on industries, such as health care and cybersecurity, and explore the economic and ethical implications of AI on society. IBM’s $240 million investment in the lab will support research by IBM and MIT scientists. (more…)

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From slum to Harvard: How one Microsoft director came up and sees digital revolution in Asia

Growing up in the slums of the Philippines, Dr. Astrid S. Tuminez did not have the luxury of eating regular breakfast as a child. She was one of seven kids and life was hard for her family. She had only one pair of socks, which she would wash once a week. When it rained, she plugged the holes in her shoes with lollipop wrappers. When she was five years old, the Catholic nuns in the city invited Tuminez and her sisters to attend their school. That’s when her life changed. (more…)

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Microsoft aims to empower every developer for a new era of intelligent cloud and intelligent edge

Digital technology and its impact on every corner of our lives is profound today. Every part of our economies and our society, whether it’s precision agriculture or precision medicine, is being shaped by the advances in digital technology. (more…)

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