Smartphone versus Pocket Camera: Which is Best?

No doubt, technology has a profound effect on our everyday lives. In fact, as technology advances, it becomes more crucial than ever that we strive to “keep up” less we fall behind the masses and lose our edge.

For instance, according to statistics, over 2.32 billion people worldwide currently own a smartphone.

That’s because as a collective society, we want the very best when it comes to technology. And, having the latest smartphone is one way of getting in on all the fun.

According to statistics, over 2.32 billion people worldwide currently own a smartphone. Image is created with the clip arts from Exocet and AJ.

According to statistics, over 2.32 billion people worldwide currently own a smartphone. Image is created with the clip arts from Exocet and AJ.

Smartphones are known for being an all-in-one device small enough to fit in your pocket, but powerful enough to get it all done:

  • Play music
  • Get directions
  • Surf the internet
  • Take pictures

And that’s just the beginning. However, sometimes we need something more than just what’s hot in the tech world. Especially when it comes to taking photographs.

Sure, your smartphone offers a handy way of grabbing pictures on-the-go. However, there are more camera options available; a concept many of us have forgotten.

Why Use a Smartphone?

Using your smartphone as a camera has its advantages.

Here are the top reasons why you should continue using your smartphone as a handheld camera:

  • Convenience. It’s with you all the time and is easily accessible. There is no forgetting your phone as you run out the door. Your camera on the other hand – very forgettable.
  • Sharing. Connecting to the internet and uploading pictures across social media platforms, picture sharing forums, and more is easy to do.
  • Built-in Editing. Apps allow you to edit pictures just by uploading them. Not to mention the fact that you can have those edited images printed and delivered with a few clicks.

The thing is, your smartphone camera is not foolproof. The image quality is not always going to be the best, especially depending on which phone you have. The small lens doesn’t offer much by way of zooming, the noise is tough to cancel out, and if the lighting is poor, you can expect your pictures to suffer.

Why Use a Pocket Camera?

Investing in one of the best pocket cameras around might be a better option if high-qaulity photographs are what you are after.

Here are the reasons why you should consider buying a pocket camera:

  • Picture Quality. Get better image quality of moving objects, those in poor lighting, and things that are far away.
  • Lens Control. Changing the lens is a valuable feature to have. Offering up to 30x zoom, even on compact cameras, you have more creative control when it comes to what you want to photograph.
  • Manual Control. Shutter speeds, apertures, mid-session lens changes. These are all things that lend to high-quality photographs.
  • Battery Life. Take nearly 500 photographs before your battery life dies.
  • Cost. Get more for your money when you invest in a good pocket camera, if taking pictures is your main goal.

In the end, there are many reasons to keep your smartphone on hand for those spontaneous moments that need immediate capturing. After all, it’s right there in your pocket.

However, for those looking for once in a lifetime photographs, investing in a pocket camera that takes up no more room than a smartphone, is a better option for when your family and friends want to get candid.

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Lindsay Liedke is a freelance writer for hire that professes a love for all things WordPress, business, and tech related. When she is not writing, she enjoys watching her son play soccer and enjoying the small things in life.

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