Smart in the long run

Though we are not interested about politics, but it is one of the biggest events ever – US Presidential Election, and no way to put it aside.

Looks like Senator Barack Obama is going to get the nomination from the Democratic Party – the first black president of US (if elected) and may be it will be rolling over the centuries ahead. A breakthrough!!

Curiously we found an analysis of Lady Clinton’s mistakes in the campaign (five mistakes it says). Two points to put here:

  • No.1. Lady Clinton picked only loyal people in her team. Not good. Loyals do not always mean a brilliant strategic planner. This was surely a mistake.
  • No.2. Internet. Yes Lady Clinton’s team failed realizing its power. Whereas Barack Obama successfully used his website to raise funds and supports. They raised more than 100 million dollar online (why Mrs. Clinton’s team could not think about it, can be a big question).

The whole story has only one thing to summarise: Men in the long run are the smartest species available on this planet 🙂 🙂 😉 . Our specific species Senator Obama is any example!! Cheers!!!

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