Small-scale renewables

What if one in every five buildings in Britain becomes a ‘mini power house’ that will not only generates energy for its own but feeds the nations power grid simultaneously. An industry report, reported by the Guardian.

The reports says an ambitious plan can lead to about 10 Million such power systems installed by 2020 (12 years away) and save up to 30 Million tonnes of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere (a year). The aim is to look for alternative energy sources together with curbing carbon dioxide emissions.

Several ways to ‘go-ahead’. One is to introduce financial incentives in the form of long term loans so that house-owners find it easy and less burdensome. But concerns as well for that it doesn’t turn out life of loans >> life of power units.  🙂

The micro-power generation units usually consist of solar water heaters, photovoltaic panels, fuel cells, small-scale wind turbines, biomass boilers with many more innovative options emerging daily in the tech industries.  💡

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