Sex Robots – CIA’s next big brainwashing tool

Sounds sexy, but could be a nightmare.

Recent leaks from Wikileaks prove that intelligence agencies can even hack smart TVs to watch the cititens. Adnan F. from explains: The documents also mention a program called “Weeping Angel.” It’s said to be a spying tool created by the CIA and UK’s MI5 intelligence agency. Weeping Angel enables it to hack a Samsung smart TV – particularly the F8000 series – so even though it might appear off to the user the agency can tap into the TV’s microphone and record conversations.

Now come about the sex robots. These will be designed and equipped with the most advanced technology to make the interaction between a sex robot and her or his human partner as natural and as playful as possible.

What if the voice of a sex robot will be hacked and a CIA operative will be interacting with her lover from her workstation from thousnds of miles away.? Impossible? – No.

Such project can take its time while step-by-step taking full control of the real human. The ‘target’ will have no secrets remain and if successfully controlled, will undertake any type of job his or her unseen other part will convince him to do.

How to stop it?

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