Secrets of Mr. Breuning’s long-Life

At 113th years, Mr. Walter Breuning told some of his secrets to the world, USAToday reports. 

The secrets are as follows:

  1. For the last 35 years, that means since he was 78, Mr. Breuning is taking only two meals a day – a ‘big’ breakfast and lunch. No supper.
  2. Grand-GrandPa eats a lot of fruit every day, and
  3. G-GPa drinks plenty of water each day.

 Last but not least, our Hero was a very hard-working man, and only stopped working when he was 99. That’s a life MAN. GrandPa is just ‘larger than life’. 

So only two meals a day, lot of fruits, plenty of water and hard work. What’s more! 

Mr. Breuning has a very bright and healthy mind: “everything is just beautiful”. He believes. 

You know what!! Secrets are always to keep in secret. But this time, it’s better to tell these secrets to friends, families and colleagues. That’s just beautiful Man!!! 

“Live Long, Happy Strong”. Cheers!!!

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