President Trump is very clever

He know exactly where, how and when to fire. So he ordered firing Tomahawk cruise missiles on the Syrian arifiled in Homs province.

As the day became clear, the puzzles over the missile attack cleared too: White House informed the Russians before the strike. So the Russian forces there had enough time to move their carriers and personnel out of the base. The Syrian forces should have followed the same steps, can be expected rationally.

So the casualties were very minimal – only six people got killed. May be six passers-by, who were waiting there to see how Tomahawk cruise missiles look like. Surely they have never seen Tomahawk before in their lives. Now they experienced it in a very first-class way.

President Trump’s forces fired 59 Tomahawks, each of the missiles cost about $1 Million. With operational costs it could be just $60 Million. $10 Million behind each of those six men. Not more. Just that. It’s nothing for USA. USA is a very rich country.

By the way, if Bob Marley would still be here, he would probably change the lyrics a liitle bit:

I shot the al-Assad……

But I didn’t shoot no terrorists, oh no! Oh!“

President Trump is very clever.

He know exactly where, how and when………

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