MySpace vs. Multiply

According to The New York Times Monday 1st Oct article, the number of internet users older than 55 is roughly the same as those who are aged between 18 to 34. While the youngsters look for pleasures in MySpace, the rather older versions looked for something useful for practical life. Reason is plain. The group is matured and experienced in life, so to spend time on something should have something in return. What MySpace returns? Mostly the members get invitation for party’s or to be a friend of some girls who would like to direct your link to their adult-looking sites. No talk about any serious issues of daily life although there are many groups and users can create if they wish. But this is what is called flavor. Once established it remains as sole trademark. MySpace can’t change better than what it is today.

Multiply can do that job. Decent looking Multiply offers the right platform for it. Many past users of MySpace find it useful in real-world perspectives. The short attention span of users in MySpace or even in Facebook made those sites just as peeping through windows but not filling the demands of sound internet users. People like to talk about their problems and get solutions. Offering some good and healthy topics to discuss and feel good. Multiply offers it. If you want to put down your roots it’s the right place.

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