Most Successful Android Apps in 2012

Most people fall in love with Android apps instantly, the minute they start using them. There are plenty of applications available in Android Store. Here is a list of most powerful apps of Android.

AppGarden: It is a compatible container with plenty of helpful utilities. The helpful utilities include barcode scanner, conversion chart, password generator etc. You can even bookmark your most preferred utilities to access them quickly.

Swipe Beta: This app is available free of cost. Many people are familiar with Killer Keyboard of Swipe where you can swipe your fingers over few letters to form complete words. In addition, it also offers voice recognition and a four in one keyboard.

OnLive: This android application allows you to play PC games right from your android device like smartphone or tablet by streaming them from servers of OnLive. It shows its best performance with 4G connectivity.

1Weather: It is one of the louder applications released from Android. It provides you all the information you require about weather. You can download the full version by paying $1.99.

Dolphin Browser: It is available for free. This browser also offers a speed near to that of Chrome. This is becoming more popular now-a-days. It supports Gesture, Add-on and Sonar. Sonar lets you share, search, bookmark and navigate according to voice commands. It is a solid browser with much more to offer to users.

SwiftKey 3 Keyboard: It is a pretty application that is accepted by most mobile devices. This keyboard not only focuses on spelling of your current word but also considers the context of your entire message. It puts more logical corrections and predictions together. If you spell a word wrong, miss a space or make wrong usage then this application fixes it.

Chrome Beta: Even though you are satisfied with your current browser, you can download full version of Google Chrome if you wish, with the help of this application.

Widgetsoid: It lets you create your own widgets for various functions of your phone. You can create a widget that provides you the information you are looking for, or you can create a widget that lets you toggle 4G antenna on and off. The paid version of it is integrated with more functionality.

Pulse News: This is a helpful app for those who are addicted to daily news. It allows users to choose among 30 online sources to get them from. With this app, a user is able to read most blogs and articles.

iTrigate Mobile Health: This app is created by doctors. It is designed to give easy and quick access to users about the medical information and necessary treatments. In emergency situations you can use the inbuilt Google Maps to get navigated to your destination.

These are the most successful applications of Android. You can download these amazing apps from Android Store.

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