Latest from the Crypto World: $170 Million just vanished from the Italian Crypto Exchange BitGrail

BitGrail, the Italian cryptocurrency exchange announced on its website, it suffered „unauthorized transactions“ of 17 million Nano shortfall, equals to about 170 Million USD.

Nano (XRB), previously known as Raiblocks, currently holds 24 th position on coinmarketcap chart with $8,82 per coin (up to the moment of this report).

In January this year, Japanese Crypto exchange Coincheck lost more than 500 Million USD to hackers.

That means within the first two months of 2018, hackers could benefit around 700 Million USD.

What surprises are waiting for investors for the rest 10 months of the year?

Many believes the current crypto world is just a big Ponzi-Scheme of high-tech enthusiasts.

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