Knock, knock, knocking on Heaven’s door

Reuters, CNN described his as ‘businessman’ (first), – then it was an ‘author’. An Indonesian Author. We would like to call him ‘an adventurer’ (merely a ‘stuntman’). 🙂

Fortunately, it’s 21st century and things can fly in the sky bearing humans inside. So he used one of those flying-saucers and successfully rained part of his ‘targeted area’ with Rupiah – millions of rupiah. 🙂

As people should know his second ‘offspring’ and do/show some little care buying copies of this off—spring, so he simply made money available by throwing it from heaven. (knock, knock, knocking on heaven’s door – we didn’t need to knock this time).

For his first book, he publicized on the roads dressed as a ‘celebrity hero’ who fought many battles and won all of them. However, this time he is an Alien (something related to UFO) – he is on the sky.

Name of our ‘Hero’ is ‘Tung Desem Waringin’ (something like ‘warning’! – warning for the next episode. We can’t imagine what it’s going to be). 💡

After watching the video, we got little suspicious about this ‘acrobatic marketing technique’. These ‘running’ people, will they buy his book from the collected money (which was of course very competitive), or girls will go for cosmetics & make-ups and boys will go to play the video games. Elderly people, however, will keep the money in their wallets, so that it swells a little bit (they know how sweet it is).

Bravo Man!! Bravo – – – 😀

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