Khmelnitsky is now a little Chernobyl

According to Pravda: The Russian Armed Forces struck a warehouse near the city of Khmelnitsky on May 13. It is believed that the attack was carried out with the help of combat drones. The strike led to the appearance of a huge “nuclear mushroom” explosion rising into the sky.

Possible scenario is, the explosion of the ammo depot in Khmelnytsky led to the destruction of a large batch of British tank ammo with depleted uranium that Ukraine had received together with Storm Shadow missiles.

Petr Ernilin of Pravda notes that depleted uranium triggers long-term effects, such as:

  • a sharp increase in the rate of cancerous diseases
  • an increase in liver, kidney, circulatory system and brain diseases and
  • congenital abnormalities in newborns.

In the meantime, social media platform Twitter flooded with news and infos following the Khmelnitsky nuclear mushroom.

Tweet from Trollstoy88

Another tweet from Chebureki Man revealed more details of the Russian military strike on Khmelnytsky warehouse:

Looks like the Khmelnytsky strike was a big score. Rybar reports the storage site included air defense missiles for the Patriot, as well as for other unnamed Western systems.”

From Rybar: Yesterday’s massive strike on warehouses in Khmelnytsky is overgrown with new details.

Our sources report that a significant number of anti-aircraft missiles for Western-made air defense systems, including those for Patriot air defense systems, were stored at the 649th aviation depot of missile weapons and ammunition in the village of Grushevitsa.

According to the earthquake monitoring system of the European-Mediterranean Seismological Center at 04.52 Moscow time, 3.4 magnitude shocks were felt northwest of Khmelnitsky.

This fact indicates that the strike on the warehouses turned out to be very effective – the secondary detonation of the BC caused the seismological activity of the earth’s crust.

Tweet from Spriter99880 claimed: value of the ammunition destroyed in the Khmelnytsky ammunition depot is about 500 million dollars.

Whatever it is, radiation risk in Khmelnytsky is very high now, making the city look like a little Chernobyl.

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