Join us in our ‚Environment Awareness Group‘

Dear Friends,

Join us in our ‘Environment Awareness Group’. It’s in Facebook.

Purpose of the group is to increase awareness about different environmental issues including but not limited to climate changes, environmental pollution, ocean exploration etc., and to be one of the leading bodies in environmental sector that will work world wide to help and guide people, governments, and agencies to pursue a clean environmental policy.

Reason is very simple: We have to take care of our planet ‘Earth’ the same way we care about ourselves, because it’s the only ‘blue and green’ planet ever known in human knowledge. Sooner or later we will reach or travel to many other planets (one recent adventure is Mars), but there won’t be a single one that can be as ‘loving and graceful’ as our Earth. That’s guaranteed.

So let’s get active here, and ask our friends and families to join us in our quest to a ‘healthy and happy’ Earth.

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