Interrupt Testing

Interrupt testing is a procedure where user purposefully disturb the application by some predefine techniques or methods. It is used to validate if mobile application performs as expected after the interruption or during interruption provided by user.

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What is Interrupt Testing?

Interrupt Testing is a process where the application is interrupted intentionally to analyze the performance of application after being interrupted. Some of the common type of interruptions are

Type of Interrupt Testing

There are many forms of interrupt testing which are used to verify the application, some of them are:

  • Call or Miss call Interrupt

During the application run, user receives a call or a miss call it is known as call interrupt. In this method, application must not crash after the call end or during the call and same for miscall.

  • Charger Connect/Disconnect

In this method user connect and disconnect charger to the mobile device multiple times during application is running and check the application is performing as expected.

  • Head Phone Connect/Disconnect

Head phone connect and disconnect notification should appear in the mobile and it should not disturb the application process.

  • USB Cable Connect/Disconnect Interrupt

In this method, user connect and disconnect the USB cable randomly and check if the application is running smoothly.

  • Home Button Interrupt:

While the application is running and user taps on Home button of mobile in this case application must get minimize, when user again tap on the application icon it should resume from where it was.

  • Lock and Unlock Interrupt

The purpose of the testing is to make insure that application should start from that screen only where user left it before locking the mobile

  • Other Application Notification Interrupt

Sometime when the application is running notification may arrive i.e. update your software. These type of interrupt may crash our application or slow down the application process.

  • Battery Removal

Removing Battery is another type of Interrupt testing to check how the application performs when the mobile is rebooted and the application is run again.

  • No Internet Connection

In this technique user may switch from WIFI to mobile network or vices versa or even user may also test application in Low mobile network to High mobile network.

Test Strategy for Interrupt Testing

Challenges for Interrupt Testing

For both automated and manual interrupt testing, there are various challenges related to the replication of above mentioned scenarios.

    • Very few automation framework and tools are available for these type of testing
    • It is difficult to replicate interrupts in test device in the lab or on the cloud environment
    • Some tools has limited capabilities of simulation for required interrupts which can be done with the help of Keyword based scripting
    • Many times QA engineer has to add interrupt for various screens/activities manually for expected user action on it
    • It becomes time consuming when verification of these interrupt for different scenario has to be done manually

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