Internet, intelligence and social networking

While American firms are falling in the ranks of Internet connections, others like the China Telecom or Tiscali (Italian) are gaining the increasing chunk of the business. No doubt Asia has the biggest number of internet users so far and it’s on the rise.

So who controls the internet?

Power is shifting from America to Asia and Europe. The New York Times article concerns for the intelligence agencies as they have started to loose the grip due to policies like ‘Patriot Act’ which may allow the authority to access data at their will. So in a decade internet traffic dropped from 70% to about 25% for U.S.

The new comers. The new bosses of internet are obviously China and India who are now investing billions in the internet industry and who has a bountiful of users. So certainly they will not share their user’s data with U.S intelligence. So that’s the point of worriness for the American intelligence agencies.

But wait. There are new ways opening in this front. Think of social networking sites. It’s easily possible to monitor a whole lot of activities here. As CNN wrote, bosses at CIA, FBI and the National Security Agency, are encouraging their staffs to use a new social networking site to share intelligence data. The program called ‘A-Space’ and will be only accessible to intelligence personnel with proper security clearance (so that double agents have no chances).

So one way or other, internet is still under the control of American Intelligence agencies.

Do you know what!!! – it’s not really that baaaaad.

Hummm. 🙂

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