How to solve the Qatar crisis, may be there’s a way

Qatar is now completely blocked by its neighbours. White House seems in a ‘can-do-cannot-do’ mode.

President Trump is unable to solve this problem. He is neither a politician nor a diplomat, rather a businessman. So Pres. Trump, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner had a good business week during their Saudi visit. So he can’t negotiate pressing Saudi Arabia to move back or scale back from the 13-points demand.

And the Saudis are not in good terms with Russia as well, and specially now Russia’s engagement in Syria left President Vladimir Putin in a literally unacceptable position to the Saudi-led blocks.

So leave Russia.

And forget China. The Chinese are only busy with themselves with the universal motto: how to gain from every situation.

The best man who can offer a neutral role in the crisis, is the former German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder. He has enough experience in international politics, and can be a leading figure bringing the two sides in the negotiating table.

In addition, Saudi Arabia should show more flexibility. A child can behave stubborn, a whole country can’t behave like a child.

‘Adjust and compromise’, if this would be the guideline for the Gulf diplomats, a successful negotiations will take place within two days.

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