How Has Security Camera Technology Evolved Over the Time?

Security cameras have become a household accessory these days. They have become an integral part of surveillance and have eased the task of keeping security intact to a greater extent. Be it your neighbor’s door or public transport, you will find always find a security camera around you. The rapid technological revolutions have altered the traditional methods of surveillance and security cameras have become a miraculous gadget. Be it the best solar powered security camera or a wireless camera, all of them are at their technological best. Here are some important functions that security cameras offer which are the hallmark of their evolution over time and how they have made surveillance a piece of cake:

Remote Surveillance:

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Ten years back, who would have thought they will be able to monitor their property from miles away? Thanks to the technological advancements that have enabled us to monitor our houses while being away from either at work or during vacations. Unlike olden times, we do not need to send someone to check our house every then and now rather we can see it all through our phones. Cameras can be connected to our phones via applications while connecting both through the internet. You do not need to worry about your house anymore, it is just a tap away.

Streaming and Recording:

Remember when in movies we used to watch that a person who has witnessed any robbery or theft used to help police to sketch the culprit? Well, catching a robber is not a problem anymore neither do we need to worry about how you can prove the incident or where to find a witness. Security cameras are eye-witness to everything. They do not only live stream, but they also record whatever is happening around. Even if someone destroys the cameras, the recording remains safe on your phone. 

Beyond Surveillance:

Kudos to the Video Content Analytics (VCA) technology and the security camera’s integration, that the functionalities of security cameras have increased to ten folds. They are not solely used for surveillance anymore, rather they are also used as hazard detectors. You do not need to put sensors individually to detect fire or tamper. Rather your security camera can notify you about every small disturbance in your property. Moreover, in strict security areas, security cameras also work as face recognizers in order to allow only officials to enter the space. 

Night Vision and Laser Focusing:

Earlier, security cameras used to give very blur and dark footage. However, the laser focusing now allows us to see things clearly and even if we move the camera, we can regain the focus and zoom to see anything suspicious. Besides, ten years back, people used to place lights outside their houses or offices so that security cameras can give us a clear picture. It is not a problem anymore, these days cameras are designed with night visions and they can give you complete clear footage even if there is no light near them.

Solar Powered:

One of the major concerns that people have regarding technological advancements is that are they energy-efficient or not. To our relief, security cameras can be solar-powered and can help you conserve energy. Some are specifically designed to function adequately on solar power. Connecting cameras to solar panels can save the trouble of putting complex and detailed wiring which will cost you a lot. You can enjoy a wireless, yet cost-effective surveillance via solar-powered security cameras. 

Voice Controls:

Formerly, cameras were only meant to monitor but now they have voice controls which allows you to talk. This is a feature that is becoming popular among parents and pet owners. This feature has allowed. Moreover, this feature can also be helpful in scaring off the intruders. 

Security cameras and their functionalities are evolving at a rapid pace and soon they will become a necessity for every house, office, or educational institution. The benefits they offer are undeniable. The technological evolutions have improved security all around the world. You do not need to hire dozens of bodyguards anymore to protect your house or office, rather you just need two people to monitor the CCTV footage. The improved security cameras are must-haves in the coming years.

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