Googlification and Facebookezation

An article in Time and a report from Reuters, both point to the most extensively used search engine and most popular ever social network community. Yes, you got it right – Google and Facebook. Googlelification and Facebookezation is now going on in the internet universum.

The Reuters report says about two players, Google and Amazon. The annual growth rates for both the companies range between 30 to 40%. And only they can withstand the current economic downturn. 

Time’s article gives credit to Apple, Google and Facebook. It says this trio has become an icon, and ever biggest and most profitable company born on the web. Let’s leave Apple here although its highest possibility to be a fully formed computer that anyone can put in his/her hand. But it’s a device that people will use to access Facebook or Google. Let’s leave Amazon as well. 

Recently Google’s deal with NASA to lease land to expand its office premises by 50% is a very strong sign that the ‘no-more silent Giant’ is now deeply-rooted and confident of its future. According to Google’s three phase plan to construct its offices, first phase will begin in 2013, the next in 2018 and the last phase in 2022. Now you can ask, who from among the current internet leaders is going to compete Google till, let’s say in 2013, leaving 2018 and 2022 for the best astrologers to calculate. 

What about FAcebook! Facebook is a straight revolution against MySpace and hi5. But does it only stand here as social meeting point or going somewhere else beyond the horizon. Often comes a talk to ‘keep its users within its virtual world’ that is absent for other internet leaders. 

Now come to the point. What we do when we go to internet, in other words what do we browse for: 

  • No.1 – information. we look for information.
  • No.2 – entertainment. we are now getting more used to entertain ourselves free of costs. Internet offers that window.
  • No.3 – a new craze, we connect with friends, colleagues and families. This is beyond the ‘search’ but in fact falls in a kind of ‘entertaining world’. By connecting with friends and families we share many things from our daily life. Just amazing. 

Google took no.1 and part of no.2 through YouTube. Facebook took no.3 and part of no.2 without a second interface. 

This is qualitative. What’s the quantitative figure. Facebook has 70 Million active users and increasing. Google serves billion of queries to hundreds of millions of searchers worldwide. 

Currently about 21% of world’s population use internet which is more than 1.4 billion. Of this, 530 Million comes from Asia (>37%), 382 Million users from Europe (>27%) and 246 Million are from N. America (>17%). Although it’s only 17% of total internet users, but >73% of N. American population are active internet users (source: internetworldstats). Certainly China will have a big portion of users that will overshoot the combined numbers of N. America and Europe in few years. 

What influence China will have on internet – huge, something may be unprecedented. The language, national enthusiasm will let something evolve that China can have its own version of internet that others cannot access from outside, or a more liberal and international approach can take a big portion of the non-Chinese speakers into its net. 

This shows although Google and Facebook from today’s calculation look ever-dominating, but may face a hard time in future. Internet is vast and open to everyone. Anyone can show-up with new ideas and successful innovations. There is no specific rule that allows someone to rule indefinitely. If this level of uncertainty will hang in the internet sky, then what Google and Facebook are going to do, not only to expand but to protect themselves at the same time from future threats? 

Google and Facebook both have one thing in common, ‘openness’. Most probably this is a weapon that these two ultimate rulers will practice throughout the time which will create invisible and invincible shields around them that hardly can anyone penetrate and cause damages. Its people’s, and people will do everything necessary to run their best choices smoothly. 

Finally, if you say Google is a ‘King’, then Facebook is a ‘Prince’. A King and a Prince are now riding the road. Hail them!!!

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