Google’s Chrome is gaining more favour than IE

Share of Microsoft’s web browser ‘internet explorer’ has slipped below 60% (59.95%), according to NetApplications April 2010 analysis. That means, those days of Microsoft’s 90% authority of browser market are now just sweet memories. 😉

On the other hand, Google’s Chrome is gaining market share – more than 6%.

That’s very good news for Google. But Firefox is still powerful although it has about little more than 24% market authority.

From our web traffic (, we noticed that recently more that 5% of our visitors are using Google Chrome as their browsers.

That’s a good success for Google. Most probably Firefox, Apple’s Safari (also used in iPads), and Google Chrome together will put internet explorer in the ‘endangered species’ list within the next one and half year. 🙂

Here what’s NetApplications data says about the market dominance of different web browsers:

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