Good acrobat

During his farewell visit to Iraq, President Bush wanted to say good-bye and fell great for his contributions, however, it ended in a embarrassing way (of course ‘little bit’ for him).

Shoes that were thrown to him had some messages on it – ‘you get what you deserve’ (finally). Otherwise such happenings in a highly sophisticated security area are extremely rare. But nonetheless it says the grave reality of what’s happening with Iraq. Cell phones and satellites that what people got in return of the complete destruction of their country, but stability, true democracy, and a bright future seem far away from the horizon.

People are still fighting and suffering for basic needs for life like electricity, pure water, and healthcare. And no one talks about the consequences of depleted Uranium used in the first and last wars in Iraq. Use of depleted uranium points to the truth that President Bush never believed in human rights. He was even ready to use nuclear weapons to capture Baghdad. So what he deserves are not these two shoes only, but something more. Shoe is a very ‘gentle treatment’ for President Bush.

However the way Mr. Bush dodged the shoes is like a professional acrobat. After retiring he should start a circus and continue amusing people around the world. This is not a bad idea.

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