Geeky Gifts for Dads & Grads

*Find great gift ideas for Father’s Day and graduating students, from the fun – Kinect, hot-selling games for Xbox 360 – to the functional: including the latest and lightest laptops and netbooks, Windows Phone devices and great deals on Microsoft Office 2010.*

REDMOND, Wash. – What dad or grad wouldn’t be thrilled to unwrap an Xbox console with Kinect or the latest super-fast, lightweight laptop or netbook? Explore our wide range of gift ideas from hot hardware accessories and blockbuster games to free services such as Bing and Windows Live.

About the image: Kinect for Xbox 360: Controller Free Gaming and Entertainment. Living rooms around the world are coming to life with Kinect for Xbox 360 as parents, children and friends discover new ways to have fun and stay in shape together. Once it meets you, Kinect recognizes you. With just a wave of the hand or a voice command, Kinect brings games, movies, TV, music, exercise, dancing and sports right to your fingertips. See a video about how it works, find out which Kinect bundle is right for you, and choose from a wide array of Kinect games. Image credit: Microsoft

About the image: Windows Phone 7: A New Kind of Smartphone. Find out why publications from Wired to USA Today are calling Windows Phone 7 “beautiful” and “exciting.” The phone provides quick access to the information you want most, such as Facebook updates and photos, music and contacts, and games via Xbox LIVE. See the demo and then check out the array of new devices in action. (Note that “Mango,” the next major release, will be available for free to all eligible Windows Phone customers when it’s available in the fall.) Image credit: Microsoft

About the image: New Windows 7 PCs: Back to School Offers & More. A new PC is guaranteed to put a smile on any dad or grad’s face. Whether you’re looking for thin and light, big and powerful, or an all-day battery life, a great place to start is Ben The PC Guy’s video and blog on back to school PCs. Also be sure to check out our new offer for students: buy a new Windows 7-based PC priced at $699 (U.S.) or more and also get a free Xbox 360 4GB console (U.S. only). Head to the Microsoft Store online to check out all the latest deals. Image credit: Microsoft

About the image: Use Bing to Shop With Your Friends. Need some help coming up with the perfect gift? Turn to your friends on Facebook for advice. Now with Bing, people can share videos, products and more with their Facebook friends, and get their friends’ feedback. So if you see a ‘like’ on a product from someone who shares your loved one’s taste in gadgets, for instance, that’s a great tip on what gift to buy. Start today at the Bing Shopping pages for grads and Father’s Day. Image credit: Microsoft

About the image: Internet Explorer 9: Discover a Faster, More Beautiful Web. Whether you or the person on your list is shopping or just browsing the Web, the best way to do so today is with Internet Explorer 9. Don’t take our word for it; see what others are saying. Then download IE9 for free today. Image credit: Microsoft

*Source: Microsoft

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