Five Effective Ways to Increase Business Productivity by Technology

Business productivity is vital to your business. Improving it can develop your commerce and increment its productivity. The efficiency is really important to meet the end results. This completely relies on the workforce and the employees. Thus, it is essential that they acquire constructive methods to carry out their tasks. Also, ensure the comfort of your workforce which will lead you to quality work.  

In this fast-paced digital world, technology plays and integral role. Technology aids in productivity of business and it make tasks way easier and efficient. 

Virtual Reality 

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You can upskill your workforce by immersive learning, a type of interactive learning which requires the use of technology to create virtual scenarios. This virtual learning aids you to experience a scenario beforehand to prevent any mishaps. This also helps in having a better and broader vision and outlook of things. Google VR services are providing a platform for such kind of learning. Daydream and Cardboard are the two applications offered by Google that aids in virtual reality.

With the help of virtual reality one can conduct meeting presentations and hiring new employees. This method is more efficient than manually carrying out tasks. It also eases the burden of the workforce and allows them some leisure time.   


Since the advancement of technology life has become a lot easier and more efficient. You can look up for things with just one click of your hand. The introduction of machinery has shifted workload from manual labor to automation. Several software has been developed for carrying out specific tasks.  Instead of manually writing down names or respective data of the employees one can easily make excel spreadsheets and save the data there. This way you can easily look up through the records and the inventory. 

A robot can work at a steady speed, unattended, day in and day out. That implies you have the possibility to create more. New products can be all the more immediately brought into the production cycle and new item programming can be carried out with no interruption in the process  

Effective Communication 

The way you choose to communicate at your workplace really tells a lot about the business productivity strategies, as the saying goes, “Communication is the key to success”. Every piece of information is time bound so the right information needs to be delivered to its receiver promptly which is only possible through effective communication.  

Different software and applications provide a platform for efficient communication. Let your staff know how to access and convey information over the digital world. When every employee is assigned different tasks, the transparency increases and the chances of miscommunication decreases.

Instead of keeping problems to oneself and not communicating with colleagues, can actually get troublesome. Try keeping a broader approach by constructively communicating and reaching out to your colleagues as the teamwork makes the dream work.  


Arrange conference meetings for monthly review of the progress of the organization. Especially during this pandemic, technology has been playing a great role and making tasks much easier. You can arrange meetings via Zoom, Google Meet or Microsoft Teams and discuss about your projects. This way employees can also work from home and convey their ideas through these meetings. Some people don’t feel comfortable putting forward their viewpoint when several eyes are on them but this way they will gain confidence too.  

Collaborative technologies result in higher performances. It empowers constant data exchange (e.g. data synchronizing, record sharing) to encourage business growth while limiting deferrals and blunders that lower efficiency and effect client eservice. 

Utilizing cloud-based assistance will assist you with reducing down overhead expense. In the event that you utilize this kind of administration, you can cut back to a less capacious location in light of the fact that your representatives can work off-site. This is an incredible method to keep everybody together, while they are off-site. 

 Authorize all Members 

Consider inaugurating a performance audit framework into your business and urge your employees to run after explicit objectives. Engage the employees in your work and authorize them. Let them put forward their views and strategies. This will help boost the productivity of workplace. The employees are basically the backbone of the company so ensure they are comfortable in the environment and not feeling restricted. The more they contribute the more variety of ideas there are to lead.  Through technology employees stay connected and get a chance to showcase their workflow models 

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