Do you know VIBBIDI? – I see Music has a new Vibration

While I was going through music industry’s youngest streaming platform ‘VIBBIDI’ and having some talks with colleagues Kaz and Cameron, I was overwhelmed every bit I learnt on how it evolved, and (now) flourishing faster in currently very chaotic and only money-making Music world. Kazuhiro Naya and colleagues are changing it radically.

Yes, a new ‘horizon’ is appearing quite quietly to give music lovers some refreshing and thrilling experience, while having full comfort of your mind and soul. That’s how it is Guys.

So what I found: VIBBIDI is the outcome of few college friends ‘humble desire’ to make today’s music-listening experience more enjoyable connecting Artists with audiences. Means with ‘you’. College day friendship of Kazuhiro Naya (Kaz) and Taylor Wansley walked down the passionate way for music and brought us this new vibration VIBBIDI.

Great thing here is VIBBIDI turns music into a ‘communal experience’ that gives you the comfort of the old days. That’s what move me much. Something that’s ‘missing’ in today’s music industry, which only runs for profits and profits. It’s seems VIBBIDI will fill this ‘missing’ spirit of our souls back ‘full of life’.

What you will enojoy, what I enjoy on ViBBIDI: for someone like me, ‘Narratives’ is one of the soul-touching expressions of fans and friends, let me say like this, where one can write his or her personal connection to a piece of music and then sharing it with everyone on the platform. The train doesn’t stop only at this point, if you want to make an analytical breakdown of an Album’s musicality, a retrospective on how the industry was when it came out or a tale of self-reflection inspired by an Artist’s music, Narratives is the best place. A very unique feature making VIBBIDI solid communal ground. Currently you have more than 700 Narratives to read.

Well guys, take the ride, make the journey.

By the way, to access the music-streaming platform, you don’t need any high-speed internet connection or the latest smartphone, VIBBIDI is developed with the highest technological advancements to be accessible on any device that has an internet connection and a web-browser. That’s it. So simple. Smart move.

I am pretty sure VIBBIDI’s going to Rock the Music Industry tomorrow.

But wait, before you jump to VIBBIDI, let’s walk together down in Memphis. You will find Cher there:

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