‘Cocomadkilla’ – the name says all about the person

While promoting Korean beauty products, mainly for skin care, for the brand Glowrious, Swiss part-time model and beauty blogger Cocomadkilla wrote on her blog:

‘Many of us don’t always understand the “ching chongs” with the black hair and funny clothes (hihi)’.

She means the Chinese, Koreans and other East Asians.

Image credit: Twitter (Click image to enlarge)

Image credit: Twitter (Click image to enlarge)

But it’s no surprise when the beauty blogger writes such strange comments. Lets’s break her name:

Cocomadkilla = Coco + mad + killa

The person admits she is ‘mad’. Naturally ‘mads’ have many forms of psychological problems.

Now as it happens with mad people on streets, she suddenly disappeared, in this case from online, you don’t find her on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram or even on her own blog site.

That fits well with Madkilla.

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