Carbon Monitoring for Action – CARMA

A new website, ‘CARMA’, is showing for the first time an interactive online database that provide very up-to-date information of highest CO2 emitters around the globe.

A high numbers of large red circles on China, U.S, India, S. Africa and parts of Europe show that plants producing a lot of electricity and a lot of CO2. Among the 5 highest CO2 emitting power companies in the world three (3) are in China, one (1) in S. Africa and one (1) in India. 

CARMA provides a strong database of 4000 power companies and 50,000 power plants worldwide with the aim ‘to equip individuals with the information they need to forge a cleaner, low-carbon future’. 

CARMA is doing a great job of public awareness and hopefully it will help policymakers, companies and other related organisations to act faster and efficiently to curb CO2 emissions.

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