Surprisingly enough we have started to get visitors from We regularly get visitors from Yahoo, Google and Live Search. Occasionally from dig as well. latest computer softwares We had the first visitors on 3rd January, searching for ‘latest computer softwares’. We have some article on Technology page published from other websites. air pollution in phillipines Second search was for ‘air pollution in phillipines’ on 6th Jan. This is an article about air pollution due to industrial and urban developments. For the first search we were at the 2nd position on first page. For the second one, we were at the 4th position on first page.

We are excited about it as it is the first sign of getting visitors from engines commonly not used for information. Reasons for this could be

  • has enhanced its technology to cover the web more widely and efficiently and/or
  • Users are switching to other choices than the most common ones.

May be both are true. This means competition is getting tougher among the search engines.

As of today,’s Alexa traffic rank in US stands for 71, in UK 46. US brings 24% of its total users. UK follows with 7.5%.

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