Alex Papan: Too Many Clouds….

It’s a warm day. Spring time, 24 degrees. Alex made a wonderful walk for more than three hours. He checked his post box, there’s only weekend newspapers, full of advertisements. Of course he doesn’t expect any post in the weekend. He cleaned the small but important box.

No call from Mom today. She got a new friend. Alex is not clear whether he is her boyfriend. Years before Mom and Dad had a hard quarrel. His mother Anne called Sergei, his father, a ‘Mother F_ckerr Bastard’. Alex wanted to tell his Dad, you heard what you deserved. But things went already very far and he just didn’t want to meddle in the affair. However, he calls Mom at least once a day and his Dad once a week, vice versa.

Alex tried to call Benti, his Turkish friend. But Benti’s phone makes a busy tone. Never mind, Alex follows few rules: knock until you get!!!. So he tried calling every fifteen minutes.

Sixth times – many apples have fallen on Earth in between but his target remained unreachable. Benti is busy this evening, Alex sighed.

How about calling Sybille, his girlfriend. She is visiting her parents in Chile. So Alex pressed her number, got her in a matter of seconds.

“Hi, how is going there…”

“I am fine”, Sybille answered with an overwhelmingly warm voice. “My Mom greets you”.

What about Dad? Alex wanted to ask but the loud music in the background and cheerful noise of young men and women prompted him to ask her “Where are you now Girl”.

“I am in a private party with Fernando. But don’t worry, I will not stay long. I just drank a lot”, said Sybille.

But she doesn’t seem to be drunk, Alex concluded. By the way, he knows about him – ‘Fernando’, her ex boyfriend. A wild-looking damn handsome Andean Man. Alex tried to remember ‘ABBA’ has a wonderful song – ‘Can you hear the drums Fernando?”.

“OK, have fun then”, Alex said reluctantly.

“See you soon honey”, Sybille seemed to be very happy. May be she is in a ‘high’, Alex thought.

Fernando has two powerful weapons to seduce girls, his Spanish guitar and Tango. Hardly can a girl resist her temptation while Fernando will be approaching. The man is happy with his book shop and a small but busy Café in downtown Santiago. When money doesn’t matter, of course you can play your guitar pondering your next mate. Romance will be flooding out from Fernando’s eyeball rolling over till the ends of his finger tips that might still be playing the guitar, Alex sighed. But he never thinks he is the looser.

Alex decided to refresh his time with a movie. What about Sherlock Holmes – ‘The Hound of the Baskervilles’. He is fond of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s magnificent creation from childhood. Sometimes he thinks if he has to choose between James Bond and Sherlock Holmes, he will vote for Mr. Holmes.

By the time he is almost going to press the play button Benti called.

“Hi Alsi, what’s up” – Benti asked in his usual way.

“Ya, I am going to watch Sherlock Homes. Join me.”

“Well, I was selling Doner Kebab with my Father. Restaurant was full n’ it was lots of work. I feel tired but I would like to see the Movie. Let me bring Beer and Chips” – Benti seemed to getting back his horse power. Alex was happy. So it will be a fun evening.

Alex came to Balcon, looked at the setting sun. It’s Midday in Santiago. He started to think about Sybille and Fernando. Night is still very far, but drummers can beat the drums even now. Why not? Alex just forgot the time….went back to his once ‘deep blue love’ – Alessandra. He feels good often roaming around in his past. But the ringing bell brought him back to his Balcon.

“Hello Benti, great to see you. I thought it will be a boring evening”, Alex was very happy. Benti and beer mean lots of fun for him.

“Ya, happy to see you. By the way I got chips but rather hot”, Benti opened his beer.


“Three Cheers for Benti!!!”. Beer has a powerful authority over Alex’s mood.

“So you like Sherlock Homes”, Alex asked.

“Not really, but I know the guy. My sister Sheila likes him, I mean the thriller”, Benti replied.

“What she is doing?”, Alex got curious.

“Studying medicine, 4th Semester”

“What she will be then, I mean what she prefers to be? Gynecologist, heart specialist?”, Alex could not remember whether they ever talked about Benti’s family.

“No, she wants to be a Neuro-Surgeon”.

“Wow…!!!, Alex was overwhelmed. By the time Sherlock Holmes started to walk…


*As time goes by:

Dear Friends, I could not resist any more. Finally it came out. Quite for some time few characters are walking in my mind – Alex Papan, Benti, Shaila, Alex’s best friend Boris Batkei.

I know my English is not that good and may be, many expressions are poor too, but nevertheless I thought today Alex should make the ‘Debut’.

He’s a young man between 28 to 32 and still not married. That’s the first thing I can tell you about my character Alex – Alex Papan!!!

Greetings – Shams.

By the way, the Era of Alex Papan has just begun!!!

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7 comments on “Alex Papan: Too Many Clouds….”

  1. shams

    Hello Zahid,

    No no, Alex is a male character. He had a girlfriend named Alessandra 🙂

    Thanks for your comments Zahid!!! I am really Happy!!!

  2. Iftekhar mamun

    The beginning is quite alright,i think. The characters are not fully blossomed but if you wish to keep it this way as it happens in short story, then i find no harm in it.This will keep the readers busy,guessing the next move of those characters. i wish it turn out to be a very short and interesting story. wish you god luck.

  3. ross

    hello Sham,

    how are you? It has been a long time. Have you finished your studies?

    I am glad to know you are into writing short stories or series…just keep it up…we just never knew where our pen will take us.

    Take care…

    You can post on my website like before…haha do you remember?

    Good luck!

  4. Olja

    Hi Shams,
    You should definitely go ahead
    with Alex:) I will write you more in a mail soon.
    I think it’s a good idea to
    create smth for youself,
    so don’t let Alex alone in your head,
    bring him to this world. )

  5. Yulia

    Hello, Shams!
    It’s a wonderful story, though short. Looking forward to know what will happen! And english is also good to my taste:)

  6. Shams

    Hello Julia,

    Happy to read your comments. I am encouraged. Hope the 2nd part will be ready soon :-). Greetings!!!

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