7 Things You Must Know To Find The Best VoIP Service Provider For Your Business

Are you unable to manage your business communication with your phone?

Do you need a specific new business phone system?

But, completely confused to find the best VoIP service, provider?

Image credit: Tsahi Levent-Levi (Source: Flickr)

Image credit: Tsahi Levent-Levi (Source: Flickr)

If yes, it’s really a big problematic circumstance in your business. And, this situation becomes worse when your business is completely dependent on continuous communication with the employee, client, suppliers, partners, prospects, etc.

Anyway, you need not become tense because you can have the perfect telephony technology that delivers huge cost savings and flexibility for all size of businesses.

Many global enterprises, start-ups, small and medium size businesses worldwide are using this VoIP technology, as the perfect way to have uninterrupted communication.

How VoIP technology works?

It actually uses the broadband internet rather than using that traditional analog phone system. It changes the sound into digital voice communication and transfers it using the internet bandwidth.

And, if you’re using VoIP telephone system, automatically using the internet for phone calls. Hence, you need to have the best VoIP solution.

Thinking of finding the best VoIP service providers?

Nowadays, many VoIP solution providers offer the complete services related to VoIP.

So, finding the perfect VoIP software for business is really a very difficult task.

But, you should not worry because here are the few points that will help you to search the best VoIP solution provider for your business.

1. Understand the perfect need of VoIP

In the early stage, you will really feel it like a sea of acronyms that may create confusion. So, you should look for commonly implemented VIP options. These options are:

Integrated access– It leverages the IP network to carry voice services. And, the best thing is that you can use the existing Ethernet equipment to transmit phone calls.

Session Initiation Protocol trunking – You can use this protocol controlling and signaling communication sessions in multimedia. It provides both voice and video calls.

Private Branch Exchange- It manages the phone calls and phone services. It is cost saving and can be easily used.

2. Are you looking for Hosted VoIP?

Hosted VoIP actually provides the benefits of outsourcing that will help in the maintenance of the phone system. So, your vendor manages the complete equipment installation and updates.

It also offers the self-hosted VoIP that allows you for self-installation for private branch exchange.

Vendors are only responsible for an upgrade to the phone and system equipment.

3. Ensure for providers genuine offer

VoIP is reliable as per the internet connection. There might be some moments when you may experience the loss of internet connectivity. And, at that stage, your communication will stop.

So, you must ask VoIP provider for business to offer built-in redundancy so that employee mobile number could remain connected to the VoIP line even when an internet connection is lost.

4. Shop only for quality service for VoIP phone system

VoIP is very much sensitive to your company’s internet connection and bandwidth.

Hence, you must look for such VoIP service providers that guaranteed quality services with quality calls, sufficient bandwidth designing, and company traffic prioritizing to protect the quality of calls.

5. Ask about uptime

Uptime is a common measure which is used in the technology realms. It is actually a percentage of time in which services are available.

So, ask about uptime guarantees of the company. If uptime record which increases their customer guarantees can be positive if they deliver it on a regular basis.

6. Make the verification of the bandwidth

Determine the bandwidth that you need to maintain the quality of voice call. Bandwidth calculations are somewhat critical where you need to know the number of company phone users and the number of calls that are simultaneous done.

It also needs to know the way in which you utilize the internet. Here, you need to know that whether you use it for email, web surfing, file transfer or to have the frequent access of your server.

So, you look at the metrics of internet usage, or you may directly ask the VoIP solution provider for bandwidth verification.

7. Have references verification

As a prospective VoIP customer, you should frankly approach the potential vendor to find the references, testimonials or case studies.

You can ask the experience of the clients who are in the same industry as your business and verify for sufficient quality, call center operation or for other specifications.

And, if you find that vendor hesitate to provide the references, they may not provide the quality services as they promise in the market.

Hence, these are the things that you need to keep in mind while you look for the best VoIP solution for your business.

So, what you are waiting for? Just make online searches for VoIP phone system or VoIP service provider and choose the best one for the proper growth of your business.

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