7 Fun Ways To Make Your Lazy Dog More Playful

Is your dog becoming lazy? Are you wondering how to make your pet more playful? Well, if the answer to either question is yes, we can help you. Much like humans, each dog has a different personality. Their breed, health, and temperament can determine the level of their activeness. If your furry friend is turning out to be a couch potato, then fret not, for there are easy ways to motivate them. Read on and find out the best ways to have a fun and enjoyable time with your dog.

Ways to make your dog playful:

Leading an inactive and lazy life can prove to be detrimental for your furry friend’s health. It can affect their mood and also their overall health. Here are some easy yet exciting ways to make your dog more playful:

1. Make daily walks a ritual:

While you might be out for work or running errands, your dog stays at home the entire day. It helps them develop a habit of staying indoors and makes them lazy. If that is the case with your pooch, it is time to add walks to their daily routine. Taking the dog on a walk or walks every day can do more good than you can imagine. Dogs tend to imitate their owners, and when you are running along with your dog, it will be an excellent motivation for them. You can start with a 15-minute walk two times a day, but if your dog comes back home without getting tired, you can increase the time duration to 60 minutes or even more. It will help your pet stay active and also prevent them from getting obese.

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2. Play hide and seek:

The age-old game of hide and seek can be your pet’s favorite activity ever. If your dog is good with commands, you can tell them to stay while you move into another room and hide. Call out to your dog to come and find out. Whenever they are able to find you, reward them with a treat and praise. But, if your furry friend is the mischievous one who refuses to listen, start by training them to follow the commands or ask someone else to keep the dog occupied till you hide.

3. Use interactive toys:

Every pet owner has hordes of balls and Frisbees for their pets, but did you know that there is an entire range of interactive toys available for your dog? It might come as a shock to you, but it is true. You can get puzzles to help them find their food, stuffed toys that make realistic animal noises, or even toys that glow in the dark. If you are the creative one, you can make them yourself, depending upon your dog’s needs. Dog toys will mentally stimulate them and keep them busy running around with their toys.

4. Teach them new tricks:

Dogs are quick learners, and you can make use of it to ensure they stay active. You can teach your pet the names of various toys and hide them. Ask your dog to find that particular toy and watch them run around to get it. If that doesn’t work, you can make your pet earn his meals by performing some specific activity before he gets the food.

5. Set up an obstacle course:

To make things more interesting for you and your furry friend, you can create your own obstacle course. Use basic household items like towels, blankets, toys to create this fun activity. Teach your dog tricks on how to jump over them or move in between the toys. Once they’ve learned the tricks, set the props in an empty space, and ask your dog to complete the entire obstacle course. It will undoubtedly encourage them to be focused and also stimulate their mind. You can even set up a play date with another dog and let them socialize and do the obstacle course together.

6. Take help of bubbles or balloons:

The easiest way to keep your pet entertained for hours is by using bubbles or balloons. A majority of dogs are naturally fascinated by bubbles and start chasing them. But, if yours doesn’t, you can also teach them to catch the bubbles. Either blow up a balloon or use a bubble-making pet toy to keep your furry friend engaged and active for a long time.

7. Play tug of war or wrestle:

Dogs love to spend time with the owners, and if you have some time at hand, you can play tug of war or wrestle with them. Although there are many speculations that playing a tug of war can make your dog more aggressive, it isn’t true. You can teach your furry friend the basic rules, that the games stop when their teeth touch your hand. You can even lie down with your pet and wrestle them. It will be a fantastic physical and mental exercise for your furry friend.

Final Thoughts:

At the end of the day, a tired dog is a healthy and active one. Since you are the primary source of their entertainment, it is on you to keep them occupied with exciting activities and toys. If your furry friend has become a couch potato lately, you can use any of the engaging activities mentioned above to get them running around. But first, you must train your dog well to follow your commands. If you haven’t already trained your pet, the next best time to do that is now.

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