5 Crazy Makeup Trends That Stirred Fashion World In 2012

Fashion travels quickly from ramp to street. It is no longer confined to ramp or backstage, but has gone beyond with increase in affordability. Fashion experts believe that globalization has brought a shift in fashion from being region specific to cosmopolitan.

The present fashion trends are influenced more by street style and historic muses. Trickledown Theory has dominated major ‘Fashion Weeks’ this season. Here are few very crazy fashion trends that became popular in 2012.

  • Bare eyed mascara: This 60’s-Lesley Lawson inspired bare eyed mascara look has grabbed the attention of celebrity dominated red carpet. From there it has flowed into the daily makeup rituals of common women. To master this style you just require a mascara and eyelash curler. The trick here is to highlight the eyelashes by making them look very natural. Apply mascara even before you slather a layer of foundation on your face. Then curl you eyelashes and apply mascara. Remove the extra sparkle on the sides of your face using a lash brush.
  • Matte completion: Creates a forever look by using neutral cosmetics to avoid looking all glossy and shiny. Matte complexion helps you look natural and beautiful all the time. Apply a powder based foundation, that too, only on the center of your face and not on the forehead. Then highlight the T-zone a bit.
  • Power brows: Something in-between sleek thin brows and roughly thick brows. They don’t look shabby though involve a lot of filling. Use a brow liner which is one shade lighter than your hair color. While filling the brows follow one path and fill accordingly.
  • Trendy metal colors: Metallic shades mean a little shine of silver under the eye and shiny nail paint to make you look young. Instead of using cream based sparkle gels use powder sparkle they stick on the face and shine more. Creating smoky eyes with metallic eye shadow colors is popular look that is appreciated by everyone.
  • Doll Lashes: As the name suggests making your lashes just like those of dolls. As per the reviews it promises to give a flirtatious look. For this use a cone shaped brush that can reach the corners of your lashes without any damage. The brush is very comfortable to use with synthetic bristles. This mascara will give a slight lift to your eyes by strengthening them and making them look long. The mascara will not give your eyes a glossy or watery look.

Along with looking fashionable, the first thing you need to take care is your skin. Before applying anything on your skin check if it is compatible with your skin or not. Use skin care products to keep your skin healthy. Number of skin care products are available in the market like Dermology Skin Care products that promise to take care of your skin all along.  Hopefully you liked the trends and keep connected to get more updates.

*Author’s Bio: Abel Brion is a freelance writer by profession and fitness enthusiast at heart. He mainly covers topics related to health, fitness, Business and Natural skincare. He prefers natural remedies over quick fixes and has a list ready with most practical methods.

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