3 Ways Web Designers Make the Most of Instagram Stories

Web designers and graphic artists use Instagram stories to promote their design work, show the other side of their portfolio, reach out to their clients, and sell their services. Statistics show that 400 million people use the stories feature daily and 80 percent of Instagram’s one billion visitors follow any one business. It means that users are spending more of their time on the photo-sharing site.

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According to an article published on https://www.huffpost.com, there are other ways brands dominate their presence on Instagram. These tactics include liking other’s photos, posting video content, and curate user content.

The Instagram stories feature is not about taking photos and posting them or displaying your web design portfolio. Web designers and graphic artists can make the most of Instagram stories. Here is how:

1. Make the most of images and videos

The photo-sharing platform often includes new features to stories. You can leverage the mix of these unique features, thus adding more weight to your stories and boost engagement. The eminent designers and illustrators often have 3,000 followers and experiment with Instagram Live.

Using photos and videos on Instagram is simple once you get the hang of this social media platform. With so many features and options on Instagram, you can make the most out of photos and videos. It will help you gain followers for Instagram.

2. Consider free vs. sponsored stories

The big brands such as D. Franklin, Samsung, and Lego have succeeded with their sponsored stories. Again, creative artists with numerous followers use sponsored stories to market themselves and their services. Paid campaigns lead to more clicks, often in thousands.

Then, it is not always necessary to opt for sponsored stories. You might be wondering why. There are freelance designers and illustrators who have thousands of followers with organic stories on Instagram. Therefore, use free or paid campaigns depending on your requirements and budget. You will benefit. There is no doubt about the same.

3. Do not consider stories like your feed

It is true that stories are part of the photo-sharing platform but different from your Instagram feed. Therefore, you need to treat your stories differently. Learn to tie up your feed content with stories to create the maximum impact on your targeted audience. You should post general things of interest in stories, keeping stunning and alluring photos for the feed.

Make sure that your Instagram stories have a unique role to play to promote your design services. Ensure that they are different from your regular Instagram updates. When it comes to your existing fans and potential clients, they want to see behind-the-scenes photos and footage of how you work as a web design professional.

Therefore, create your stories content and post them accordingly. A prospective client would like to see you as a designer rather than your selfies on Instagram.


Now that you have these tips handy, make the most out of Instagram stories to promote your design portfolio and sell your services.

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