10 Steps To Boost Traffic Online Without Much Effort

The most challenging times for business owners and online marketers happen when they are not able to get traffic to their business. The online competition is so tight today, and without knowledge about how the online business works, it would impossible for some websites to survive.

If you’re a business owner and finding traffic to your site is a common problem, find the techniques that can surely help you gain visitors and increase your sales:

1. Be active in the social media

Does your business have social media accounts? If you still don’t have, then you’re missing a lot of traffic to your site. It’s not enough that you have great content. People should find it in the social media, where a lot of people are spending their time. If you have a B2C product company, take advantage of Instagram and Pinterest. If you have a B2B business, Google+ would be a great platform for you to explore. Twitter on the other hand is the best venue when promoting short links. You can also set up a Facebook page to drive traffic to your site.

2. Create attractive, compelling headlines

One way to promote your business is by creating blogs and articles. Make sure that you’re featuring contents that would attract readers by mere looking at the headline. Readers are attracted by just seeing the headline. Ensure that your headlines are not boring, so that people would spend time with your featured articles.

3. Advertise

There are various ways to attract visitors to your site. It includes social media advertising, display advertising and paid search. Each venue offers many benefits, just make sure that you’re using the one that your business needs. Examine your goal, is it to gain ore conversions or just to get more traffic?

4. Make use of long-tail keywords

Long-tail keywords are commonly searched by web users. If you’re not targeting it as part of your marketing strategy, then you are more likely to miss a huge chunk of traffic.

Boost Traffic Online - be active in the social media. Image credit: Blogtrepreneur (Source: Flickr)

Boost Traffic Online – be active in the social media. Image credit: Blogtrepreneur (Source: Flickr)

5. Be flexible

Make various kinds of content: videos, tutorials, blogs, articles, news or infographics. Make interesting posts that can drive audience. Your marketing strategy should not be limited to maximize your profit.

6. Set up a guest blogging

Guest blogging is a great way to maximize your online presence. You earn a lot of benefits in posting to another website. It allows more exposure and a greater chance to build your brand. It increases your credibility, improves your social media following and other online opportunities.

7. Set up a forum on your website

Setting up a forum on your website is a perfect venue to build a community. Of course, it is a platform for discussion and get maximum exposure about your company and your products. In the long run, your company would gain tons of benefits that include customer support, building trust, brand awareness, viral promotion, another venue for acquiring revenue, and more.

8. Be active on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is not only a platform to find new job opportunities. It has been used by many businesses in publishing contents to drive traffic to their business. Posting content on this social network on a regular basis can gain you a large following and definitely boost traffic to your site.

9. Email marketing is still effective

Social media and social networking sites are in, but email marketing is still relevant to gain traffic and revenue. Although it is a traditional method, noone can underestimate how useful email marketing is. Don’t forget that is a sure way to receive a sudden upsurge in your traffic. Just don’t make it a habit to flood emails to your prospects if you don’t want to be put on spam.

10. Make your site available on all platforms

Today, your website should be available not only on personal computers and laptops. People now are accessing various platforms such as tablets and smartphones, so your website should also be accessible on these devices. Don’t miss a big portion of your sales just because your site is not accessible to people’s devices.

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