‘Silent Heart Attacks’

A recent study found that not all heart attacks could be traced by electrocardiogram (ECG). These ‘not all heart attacks’ include a little known category (in mass public) – ‘silent’ heart attacks.

Common symptoms, according to silentheartattack.org, includes chest pain, shortness of breath, and to get tired easily. 

As till now it cannot be diagnosed by ECG, therefore it’s ignored most of the cases further damaging our heart, and increasing the chances of total collapse in future attacks. But new technique called ‘delayed-enhancement cardiovascular magnetic resonance’ can trace these silent attacks. 

However, one of the reasons of heart problems is our modern day life which is very stressful. Life is more competitive now than ever before. We are always trying someway to be ‘the best’, and to be one of the most ‘successful man’ in the society. Heart just reflects what’s in our mind.  

So o if you feel in some distant or near-past you have experienced such symptoms of silent heart attacks, then better to go to your doctor. Better late than never. But not too late.

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