Is Sauron’s Evil Eye already on Twitter?

Theme is: Twitter. Everyone knows what Twitter is or what’s a Twitter.  It’s a micro-blogging platform, more precisely a real-world conversation, open, public. So events, merchandising, opinions ranging from latest political hot-bots to any topics (of course, hot) can be found swimming on Twitter. 🙂

So now it offers a robust search options. Anyone can search his/her ‘interest’ and be satisfied. That’s where it started. Now a prominent blog wrote that, Sauron’s Evil Eye has fallen on Twitter because it’s so potential! However, Wall Street Journal’s blog discarded the whisper (or whispering?). Obviously WSJ provides more reliable first-hand sources of much news from the tech world.  That’s not the point; point here is that how many prominent blogs and bloggers are used to prepare ‘fields’ for vested quarters. These kinds of ‘campaigns’ are to pre-apprehend public minds and to observe the authorities reactions whether they have moved their ass. And if everything goes fine, then the last desired step. These blog campaigns are well-organised, well-managed, and not poorly-funded. 

However, this is one of Capitalisms explicit (or implicit?) tactics, and also one of the reasons of its fall (as you might guess it now). The manipulation of the whole system is to serve only few, who like Sauron would like to have everything in their hands. 

Well everyone knows J.R.R Tolkiens ‘Lord of the Rings’ and hence Sauron’s Evil Eye. The question here is: will Twitter be saved from Web’s Sauron’s Evil Eye and remain independent and be self-sufficient, or will it be lost somewhere in the Abyss?

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