Greenpeace’s Apple test

After Greenpeace published a report “Missed call: the iPhone’s hazarsoud chemicals” where Greenpeace investigation found two hazardous compounds, brominated flame retardants (BFR) and headphones containing PVC with Phthalates level over 1.5% by weight, much criticism could be seen on YouTube’s page showing the video. BFRs are very effective against fire and used widely in electronics, clothes and furniture from taking fire. Phthalates are toxic and can interfere with sexual development in mammals, means Phthalates are harmful for reproductive system.

Greenpeace’s view is clear, “Nokia is totally PVC free, Motorola and Sony Ericsson have already products on the market with BFR free components”. So why apple will not go green and follow the others?

Surprisingly enough in the YouTube pages most of the comments from viewers were against Greenpeace. Their opinion is, these chemicals are being used in every electronic devices, so why talking only against apple, and many of them vowed that they will happily be using iPhone despite the Greeppeace reports. In one sense, it means that a big portion of consumer class doesn’t care about the chemistry or hazards, they look for usage and versatility in new products. Long-term health or environmental affects are ignored here.

But we have to remember that finally all these will pile up in our e-wastes deposits and will threaten the whole eco-system. The more we will be careful reducing these hazardous chemicals, the better it is for our future. Time flies very fast and today’s actions will be tomorrow’s consequences. Better to be always be green as much as possible.


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