Eat Babes……EAT

If you are a model, you are thin. If you are thin, you are a model.

Trying to be skinny even costs lives. Two sister models died. Although there’s much pressure to monitor this deadly trend, but industry is not really taking it seriously. It’s a high-fashion business world.

Catwalk or runway’s a common word in the model world. Only when the two Uruguayan model sisters died of malnutrition, Catwalk came walking out from the fashion world to the mass public.

The painfully thin runway models often starve to keep themselves as skinny as possible. That’s the big deal. Next are fame and money. But although it’s a much talked, let us say, a ‘humanitarian’ issue, but is it really working in the fashion world. Looks like very little is moving there. You can easily argue that some girls are naturally thin. So that’s the Bonanza.

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