Climbing the World’s Peak at 75

A 75-years old Japanese mountaineer is going to break the record of ‘oldest man climbed the Mt. Everest’. His predecessor is a 71 years old Japanese who still holds the record since 2007. Name of our ‘going to be hero’ is Yuichiro Miura. 

Well it’s all fight among the Japanese. We are out of the ring anyway 🙂 .

But how Japanese are so conquerors? Needless to say that Japanese have the average longest lifespan on Earth. While for men it’s about 78 for women it’s 85 years. People in Japan are very careful about food. They take more fish than meat. Eating fish instead of red meat lowers the risks of heart attacks. They also take many of soy products (Tofu for example) in their diet that have little saturated fat and no cholesterol. 

And finally don’t forget, people in Japan enjoy plenty of fresh air from the sea 🙂 .

News Source: Yahoo!News

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