Oli­ven wa­ren schon in der Stein­zeit be­liebt

Menschen haben Oliven bereits vor 100.000 Jahren als Nahrungsmittel und Brennstoff benutzt. Das haben Forscher*innen um Laurent Marquer vom Institut für Botanik der Universität Innsbruck herausgefunden, indem sie Holzkohle und Kernfragmente aus zwei Höhlen im Norden Marokkos untersuchten. Die Studie wurde im renommierten Journal Nature Plants veröffentlicht. (more…)

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Do cell phones distract us from interacting with our kids?

UD professor Roberta Golinkoff publishes new study on the influence of cell phones on parent-child interactions.

Over the last several years, many researchers in early childhood education have focused on the amount of screen time that children receive each day and how it may affect their learning or development. But, what about the amount of time that a parent or caregiver spends in front of a screen while playing with a child? How might a parent’s distraction by a cell phone affect a child’s learning? (more…)

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Gentrification Changes the Personality Makeup of Cities in a Short Time

AUSTIN, Texas —A study of almost 2 million U.S. residents across 199 cities shows that rising housing costs may drive increases in “openness” of character among residents of a city — all in well under a decade. The findings, published in the journal American Psychologist, indicate that increasing affluence can rapidly change a city’s personality by attracting certain types of newcomers and by changing the environment around established residents. (more…)

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