America’s ‘Dragon Tanks’ and ‘Monkey Robots’

Now Pentagon is on the way to launch its mightiest military hardware named ‘Dragon Tanks’. Although President Obama is not clear about his mind, but the tanks will be ‘realized’ today or tomorrow.

It looks so horrible, that it’s enough for America’s enemies just to watch the ‘dragon’ flying and get the ‘shock and awe’, the pre-emptive approach of modern day war strategy to weaken the enemy psychologically. Rest of the enemy infrastructures can be demolished afterwards. 

However, here the enemy should be the military from opposite side, not the civilians. But the dragon’s fierce approach will encircle them within the ‘shock and awe’ phenomena. Obviously Pentagon will do its best to limit the civilian casualties as minimal as possible. 

But the Trauma? The Nightmare?? How the innocent civilians can then put back on normal track of life. How not to let them forget to enjoy the beauty of the same ‘blue sky’ and the taste of the same ‘air’ that they and the dragon builders happen to live in everyday’s life. 

One possibility still remains. To make ‘Monkey Robots’.  

After the field commander declares a ‘Victory’, then Pentagon can let the monkey robots walk into civilian population. These special robots should be speaking local language, will be familiar with the native’s cultures, e.g. what they like and what they don’t, at what jokes they laugh and on what occasions they cry etc etc. 

Important thing is that, ‘monkey robots’ should make them laugh (so the defeated civilians feel life’s not too hard). The point here is to maintain a healthy and friendly atmosphere in post-war era. So this new type of robots can play a greater role stabilizing the conquered-lands. 

So after ‘horrification’ comes ‘laughification’.  

But the most powerful weapon still remains somewhere in the shadow. It’s neither the ‘Dragon Tanks’ nor the ‘Monkey Robots’, it’s ‘Love’. The simplest and mightiest weapon that the Al-mighty, All-Knowing Lord has ever created and gifted to this Universe. Even the toughest and cruellest enemies can be conquered with ‘Love’.

You may ask ‘how’. How ‘Love’ can conquer our enemies? 

The simple talk here could be: ‘Did we ever try it’ 😐

Obama Axes Pentagon Plan To Build Billion Dollar Tank In Shape Of Dragon

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