‘Hulk Hogan Knows the Best’

Now after 23 years of marriage Hulk Hogan and Linda Bollea settled for final separation. Sometimes things go awry even if you don’t wish it to happen from the bottom of your heart. 

But nevertheless, it happens.

Now Hogan’s are separated.

The reasons as reported in omg, that the couple had ‘nose to nose’ battles in many fields. Money‘s one point. Among others Mrs. Hogan allowed her ‘younger boyfriend’ to drive their cars. This is obviously very provocative and outrageous. 

Now come to the phrase ’younger boyfriend(s)’? 

Why and when girls (wrong, highly matured women) need ‘younger boys’. Several possibilities: they need these young machines when the older one’s don’t ‘perform’ that good anymore, or it’s just getting ‘boring’ with the same old boy. You need something new and fresh. Erotic and Exotic.

The young boys certainly make lot of ‘lumping-and jumping’. They lump from here, and then jump on there. This ‘there’ means specific points of high sensitivity, where little ‘move’ can make you crazy. That what goes ‘missing’ with old boys. May be in the course of time, old boys just forget the importance and value of these SP’s (sensitive points).  

The HMW (Highly Matured Women) would obviously be fond of this ‘L & J’ move by their younger counterparts. And so lalalla…..         

But we have to appreciate Mr. ‘Hulk’. He exercised an extraordinary ‘high degree of patience’ to these outrageous acts. Things could go bloody (that what was a crime sensation with O.J. Simpson in 1994-95. O.J was accused of murdering his ex-wife and her boyfriend, but later acquitted of the charges in 1995), rather Mr. Hulk settled everything peacefully (Linda Bollea who is now almost 50, has an affair with a 21-year-old for the past two years).

Mr. Hulk is a mighty, good and a ‘Great’ Man. We admire his Wisdom. Above all, ‘Hogan knows the Best’. 

‘Hogan Knows the Best’ and ‘Hogan is the Great’.

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  1. Clemento

    In truth, immediately i didn’t understand the essence. But after re-reading all at once became clear.

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