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03. Jun 2020

How President Trump invented ‘Horseface’ nickname for Stormy Daniels

After reading the news on world’s top medias, President Donald Trump calling actress Stormy Daniels ‘horseface’, I got curious and directly went through searchiing actress’s Instagram account. I was suspicous of something.

And there, to my sky-high surprise, I found Stormy Daniels’s a love for horses. Here the actress posted many photos riding horses.

Now I am sure, totally sure, President Trump went through Daniels Instagram account too and easily picked up the nickname.

Let’s have a look at some photos.

Personally I find both President Trump and the actress ‘Beautiful face’, in addition, Stormy Daniels a very ‘Sweet face’.

Aum Shanti Mr. President and Stephanie. Live in peace and hormony please 🙂 .

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