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29. Oct 2020

Top 5 Cities for Going Solar

The eco-friendly lifestyle is no longer just a trend. Cities across the country have incorporated greener methods into construction, travel, production, and business strategy. We at Modernize know how important it is to conserve energy and rely on renewable resources. If you’re looking to make some positive lifestyle changes for the environment, check out these top five solar cities in America for inspiration.




It’s true that solar panels can generate power even in cloudy conditions, but cities with more sun provide better weather and climates for this renewable energy source. And that’s why it’s no surprise that sun-soaked Honolulu tops Forbes’ list of solar cities in America, based on their leading amount of total installed solar PV capacity per capita.

Importing traditional fossil fuels is quite expensive for Hawaiians, so many residents install solar panels and take advantage of financial incentives. Homeowners can claim a 35% tax credit for the cost of solar equipment and installation. Additionally, they can sell extra electricity to the grid and receive credit on their next month’s utility bill.

Los Angeles
Los Angeles also sees a high average of sunny days, and residents have interwoven green practices into the culture. Homeowners can enjoy a host of savings associated with installing solar panels. From lowered monthly utility bills to profiting off selling energy back to the grid, most residents who use solar power earn a quick return on investment.

The Solar Incentive Program also pays a lump sump to qualified solar customers, and they can also earn a federal solar tax credit for 30% of installation costs. Initiatives like CLEAN LA Solar promote eco-friendly alternatives for living in the “City of Angels.”

Solar city

Solar city


Environment America names Phoenix among the top American solar cities, with a total per capita installed Solar PV of 96 Watts-DC. With an average of 299 sunny days per year and declining solar panel prices, it’s the perfect city for going solar.

Phoenix residents who install solar panels don’t have to pay increased property taxes after the solar system raises their property values—a handsome benefit, indeed. Homeowners also qualify for reimbursement when they generate extra electricity and provide it back to the grid. And that’s not all; Phoenix residents can also qualify for a 30% federal tax credit.

San Jose

Another Californian city tops the solar list. San Jose homeowners can claim a Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit for up to 30% of solar panel installation costs. Additionally, laws promise that homeowners will not pay increased property taxes when their home’s value increases due to solar panel installation. With an average increased home value of $17,000 to $20,000 after solar panel installation, this tax break is significant.

Solar city of America

Solar city of America


Indianapolis is a surprising top-ranking city for going solar, but incentives like a $1,000 deduction or 50% of installation costs encourage residents to go green. Homeowners may also qualify for a property tax deduction and a residential renewable energy tax credit of up to 30% of costs. The city experiences an average of 191 sunny days per year, and the solar industry is booming in Indiana. The future is certainly bright for this eco-conscious city.

No matter where you live, installing solar panels can benefit you financially and support the environment. Reduce your carbon footprint, and reap the benefits!

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