Blog Post Image: Testing Artificial Photosynthesis

Miguel Modestino, Joel Ager and Rachel Segalman were part of the team that demonstrated the first fully integrated microfluidic test-bed for evaluating and optimizing solar-driven electrochemical energy conversion systems. (Photo by Roy Kaltschmidt)

Miguel Modestino, Joel Ager and Rachel Segalman of JCAP – developed a method to achieve continuous, stable and robust solar-hydrogen generation from a wide range of aqueous electrolytes including buffered solutions and even natural waters. This allows for the incorporation of virtually any photoelectrochemical component including those made of earth-abundant elements which are only stable at moderate pHs. By using recirculating streams in a membrane-separated photoelectrochemical water-splitting system, we demonstrate stable, self-regulating and continuous fuel generation from near neutral electrolytes.

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